The Beer Store earns up to $630 million/year in extra profits

CD Howe Institute: Lack of competition in Ontario allows The Beer Store to earn as much as $630 million/year in extra profits

Report calls for more competition in alcohol retailing from private firms – including convenience stores

August 20, 2014 – Oakville, Ontario The CD Howe Institute report released today highlights benefit the Ontario government could gain not only in the form of increased revenue, but also from more choice and convenience for consumers. Ontario’s convenience stores are a strong partner of government, selling 75% of all lottery tickets, and also operating many of Ontario’s 219 LCBO Agency Stores, where we sell alcohol (beer, wine and spirits) in communities throughout the province.

“Make no mistake about it – modernizing Ontario’s alcohol retailing system can be done within the framework of the LCBO and in a responsible manner to ensure that the sale of alcohol is conducted with the highest standards,” said Dave Bryans, CEO, Ontario Convenience Stores Association.

It can also help boost important sectors like Ontario’s craft beer industry.  OCSA members have a plan to voluntarily set aside at least 30% of beer retail space for Ontario craft brewers, creating significantly more consumer exposure and retailing opportunities than they currently have – especially in the communities where they operate.

All of this is something Ontarians support and Ontario’s convenience stores are ready to deliver.

About OCSA

The Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA) represents convenience stores committed to Responsible Community Retailing.  The convenience store industry represents $13 billion in sales annually in Ontario and employs over 69,000 people.  Convenience stores are also the largest partner of the Ontario government for the OLG, selling 75% of all lottery tickets in the province and returning billions in tax and gaming revenues to public coffers. More than 3 million people visit convenience stores in communities across Ontario every day.