Quickie Convenience Sees Local Benefits for Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Region with Beer Retailing Reforms

“Quickie began its life in 1973 with a single store located at Shoppers City East in Ottawa’s east end. Today we have over 50 stores and serve communities across Eastern Ontario and in Gatineau.

The passage of Bill 115, Bringing Choice and Fairness to the People Act (Beverage Alcohol Retail Sales), 2019 is great news for retail business in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Quickie has been selling beer in Quebec for years and we’re looking forward to bringing that convenience to Ontario now too. Plus, the Ottawa area has great craft brewers, and our stores can be a good place to help promote their products. Local small business helping to support other local small businesses.

With the Beer Store set to see some real competition for the first time in 92 years, we think consumers are going to be the first winner – with more choice and convenience on the horizon. And as we get the opportunity to retail beer in our stores, we bet it will mean more jobs and growth in our region.”

-Paul Wiseman, Vice President & General Manager, Quickie Convenience Stores