Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery supports!

Flying Monkeys Supports Convenience Store Beer Sales! TUESDAY, May 27, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery Pledges Support For Beer Sales in Convenience Stores BARRIE, ONTARIO. As the outcry for “free and open” competition in alcohol retailing escalates, the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery supports the Ontario Convenience Store Association’s bid to see beer … Read more

Premier Wynne: It’s time for some adult supervision of The Beer Store

April 17, 2014 Premier Kathleen Wynne, Premier Wynne: It’s time for some adult supervision of The Beer Store Dear Premier Wynne, There’s a healthy debate ongoing in Ontario about modernizing our 87 year-old system of alcohol retailing.  That’s a good thing. Debate about public policy issues that are important to Ontarians should be welcomed. … Read more

Fear and loathing by The Beer Store

Fear and loathing by The Beer Store Jerry Agar – Toronto Sun Faced with the tiniest bit of competition, The Beer Store is in full-tilt, spin-control, propaganda mode. The great fear for a monopoly is not that it might lose 1% of market share, but that through that small window into the marketplace, customers might … Read more

Beer Store attack ad spectacularly backfires

The Beer Store’s latest ad attacking Ontario convenience stores is a doozy. The National Post summed it up well: But the latest ad, which has been called “fear mongering” and “propaganda” by critics, unleashed a new level of mockery on social media against the Beer Store’s campaign. Full story:

The indefensibly anachronistic private-monopoly Beer Store

National Post: Chris Selley, Matt Gurney, and NOW’s Jonathan Goldsbie discuss Ontario’s antiquated web of liquor-retail laws here. A funny read. Chris Selley: “I’m more offended by the quasi-monopoly that’s run by the government than by the one that’s run by the three foreign mega-brewers. Because that’s nothing less than proof of concept: The private sector can safely and profitably … Read more

Ontario liquor cartel’s myths about Alberta booze

Mark Milke, Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute, punches holes in the logic The Beer Store uses to try and claim competition for beer sales in Ontario will lead to higher prices: “The privatization of all government liquor stores (completed in 1994) led to a dramatic expansion in the number of private sector liquor outlets … Read more