We’ve had thousands of people show their support for more convenience in beer and wine sales in Ontario. Here’s a sampling of what voters are telling us:

“LCBO the The Beer Store locations are often inconvenient, and hours of operation limit access.  Allowing sales in convenience stores would allow for less traveling, add the convenience purchasing snacks and drink mix, as well as boost sales in convenience stores, which also benefits store owners.”

“It’s about time Ontario moves into the 21st century. Come on Queen’s Park, lets have a change.”

“It would be so much more convenient to buy beer in convenience stores in Ontario. There is not always a beer store near where you live but there usually is a convenience store nearby.”

“I work shift work and would like to go to the corner store to buy my beer.”

“It works great already in Quebec, it should also work across Canada.  Let us support local small Canadian business.”

“There is no valid reason why Ontario should not follow Quebec and provide a better convenience to thier citizens.”

“This will definitely save people time, money and allow small businesses to actually make a profit and expand.”

“It’s archaic that we can’t buy beer and wine in convenience stores. It reminds me of the old sunday shopping laws…”