Is this how you picture spending your long weekend?

When you work long hours or live far away from the LCBO or Beer Store, convenience is key. Ontario is one of the few places in Canada where people can’t do something as simple as conveniently pick up beer for a summer BBQ – and on long weekends, get ready to wait in line!

Grocery stores that carry beer must stop selling when The Beer Store is closed – why are we protecting their profits at Ontarians’ expense?

In the recent Ontario provincial election, the Progressive Conservatives made the campaign promise to allow convenience stores to sell beer. We’re excited to work with the government and our industry partners to change the status quo and make beer in convenience stores a reality. Consumers deserve choice and convenience, and craft breweries deserve a chance to expand their business.

The Beer Store Isn’t Local

Wouldn’t you rather support local Ontario businesses instead of funneling money into the pockets of something that’s largely owned by foreign multinational corporations?

The Beer Store is largely owned by Sapporo Brewery (Japan), Molson Coors Brewing Company (United States and Canada), and Anheuser-Busch InBev (Belgium). The Beer Store has upwards of 450 outlets in the province with a highly-lucrative near-monopoly that benefits from government protections. The Beer Store may argue that they offer Ontarians the best deal, but convenience, grocery, and box stores are missing out on a chance to enter the market and bring more choice and convenience to consumers, while giving a boost to craft brewers.

400k Strong in 2012!

In 2012, organized an online and in-store petition to gain public support for expanding beer and wine retailing into Ontario’s convenience stores. This campaign was a huge success, securing over 403,412 signatures. We were proud to bring forward the most-signed ever petition in the Legislature, though unfortunately we never had the chance to table it. But you made your voices heard – Ontarians want convenience!