4 Beer Games To Entertain Your Next Social Gathering

At the end of a tiring week everyone looks forward to a relaxing weekend. A house party is the best way to unwind with friends. What if your next social gathering is not merely sitting across tables, silently sipping your drinks? Discover a fun filled social dynamic with some of the best beer games. Make it loud, lively and energetic. Unleash your wild side and show some team spirit.

There are a lot of beer games played across the world. Groups ranging from 4-10 people are ideal for playing them. Card games coupled with drinks are the most common. Here, we explore 4 games to get any party started which are sure to keep your guests entertained.

1. Beer Pong

Beer pong is the undisputed king among all beer games. An easy game that requires only two ping pong balls and a few cups. It is quite common among students and young professionals due its sheer simplicity.

Game play: Divide your group into two teams. Arrange few cups filled with beer to form a pyramid structure. Then a person from each team attempts to throw the ball into the cups. If successful the rival team should remove that cup from the pyramid and drink beer from it. The team that makes the maximum ball landings inside the cup wins.

2. Flip Cup

Flip cup is an interesting team based drinking game suiting both house parties and corporate parties. It is similar to a relay race that tests the speed and coordination between players in a team.

Game play: Divide the group into two teams. Both the teams will stand across the edges of table in a line. Fill the cups in front of each person with beer. On starting the first person in the row should drink the beer and flip the cup on the table once he finishes it. Then the next person does the same and the team that finishes the entire line fastest is the winner.

3. Buzz/Pass

Buzz is a drinking game version of the famous number counting game. This is most common among college student parties.

Game play: All the players sit in a circle. A person will start counting from number 1. The chain of number counting goes on until it reaches 7. The person who gets number 7 or multiples of 7 should say buzz instead saying the number. Similarly, for 11 and its multiples say fizz and the direction of the game reverses. Any person who misses saying buzz or fizz has to drink a glass of beer immediately.

4. Never Have I Ever

Never have I Ever is very popular in celebrity TV shows. It primarily aims at making people admit their embarrassing situations or secrets in front of the public. It is considered as an adult drinking game. The beer game version of this does the same, but with a twist.

Game play: Beer shots are kept in front of the table. Each person takes a turn and says something they haven’t done in life. For e.g.: Never have I ever shouted at my boss. Whoever has done that thing should drink a shot. The game is continues with Never have I ever statements from everyone. The person who has to take the least number of shots is the winner.

These are some of the easiest beer games that you can play without any additional equipment or accessories. Nowadays a lot of beer game kits are available for making your party wilder. Do check them out and enjoy your next drinking party.

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