Ultimate Beer Tours in the USA

Even though the microbrewery scene in the U.S.A is seeing increased competition, it’s popularity continues to grow each day. Americans love their beer, that’s for sure. Here’s a look at some of the best beer tours in the U.S.A:


This is one of the most thriving breweries in the country. Some of the popular ales here are the refreshingly potent, Arrogant Bastard, and Sublimely Self Righteous. Visitors to this brewery can take a leisurely walk through the on-site boulder garden. The barbecue duck tacos and almond-crusted tilapia are top recommendations at their bistro.


This brewery began with the aim to provide great beer to Kansas City. The Boulevard Brewing Company has only grown ever since it first opened up, and its beers are now sold in over 25 states. Even though the distribution has grown significantly, the brewery has managed to retain its personal touch. The staff here are well-spoken and polite. They conduct a free 40 minute tour and take you through the various tasting options available.


The Brooklyn Brewery fills its basic tours with offerings for the true beer geek. The beer tour that they offer here is short and precise. The tour ends in the tasting room where you can taste five different types that are not likely to be found outside of the brewery. Here, your tour includes a glass, and four tastings with experts telling you all about the intricacies of your drink.


The New Belgium Brewery offers a free 90 minute tour that includes story-telling, art gazing, and beer sampling. While a tour at this fine brewery offers a look into their inner workings, it also enlightens you about sustainability efforts. It should be noted that this awesome brewery is among the world’s largest single user of wind power. This is a place full of warmth and is owned by all its employees.


If there are two things that Cooperstown is famous for, it’s the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Brewery Ommegang. This Farmstead brewery built on over a hundred acres was used in the past for hops farming. The beer tour includes a stroll through the facility, a look into their unique brewing process, and sampling various craft beers. As an icing on the cake, they offer a delightful beer infused ice-cream called Three Philosophers.

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