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How A Savvy Real Estate Agent Gives Beer As A Closing Gift

Real estate agents must find ways to separate themselves from the heard. A method to remind others of one’s creativity and thoughtfulness is to present clients with a gift after closing a real estate deal. A local realtor in Grande Prairie, AB has figured out a stylish way to include private label beer as part of his customer appreciation and marketing campaign.

Introducing RootsBeer from Yuri Smith of Grassroots Realty Group. This private label beer is brewed specifically for Grassroots by Grain Bin Brewing Company, also located in Grande Prairie, AB. In an effort to support local businesses and connect with the community, this local beer team up has produced a unique real estate closing gift that buyers and sellers can enjoy. The labels are clean and modern, making these bottles usable for art decoration pieces you can place around a home. In turn, homeowners are reminded of the agent who helped them achieve their goals as well as the beer that is available from a brewery down the road or a local liquor store.

The beer label features some fun suggestions on what to expect while enjoying the Rootsbeer Red Willow Amber Ale, along with hashtags to support Yuri’s marketing efforts. A reminder to clients that the agent who represents them is a marketing leader in the real estate industry.


Yuri Smith | Grassroots Realty Group

Yuri Smith | Grassroots Realtor | Broker | Owner

Yuri is part owner of the Grassroots Realty Group which was recently ranked #51 on the Startup List 2020 by Canadian Business Magazine. He is an award winning agent, consistently featured as one of the TOP 50 agents in Canada under 35 by REP magazine.

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