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The Best Way To Get Beer Delivered To Your Home In Mississauga

Especially due to the recent effects of the Covid-19 pandemic more and more people are becoming aware that you can order alcohol from the comfort of your home. But how does LCBO delivery in Mississauga work? How long does an order take to arrive at your door step? Is contactless delivery possible? We discuss the answers to these questions below.

Introducing Liquor Delivery 289, an alcohol delivery company in Mississauga, ON. These guys will take your order for wine and beer, or any other item that is available at the LCBO or Beer Store within the city limits. Orders can be placed by phone, or by placing an order through their website during the hours of operation. The ordering process is simple, and once your order is placed the company dispatches the nearest driver. Orders are picked up at the store on a case by case basis and then promptly delivered to the address selected when you made your request. Deliveries are typically made within an hour, however some deliveries can take longer during peak times, but may also be shorter when your location is in close proximity to where drivers may already be located in the area.

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Liquor Delivery 289

2233 Argentia Rd.
East Tower, Suite 302
Mississauga, ON
L5N 2X7
Website: www.liquordelivery289.com
Phone: (289) 805-7272

If you are isolating at home due to Covid-19 protocols or simply wish to be cautious, Liquor Delivery 289 offers a contactless solution. Delivery drivers are always equipped with mobile POS machines to be able to accept debit and credit transactions, however, in order to maintain physical distance for contactless delivery you have the option of paying via e-transfer. At the time of placing your order you would select to pay via e-transfer. Subsequently, once your items have been picked up and are on their way to your location, the driver calls the customer to give them a total over the phone as well as an email address to send payment. Once they confirm that payment was received by the dispatcher, drivers are instructed to drop the items once the customer confirms their identity through a window.

For added convenience, this delivery service allows customers to place additional items on their order that are available from the local convenience stores. Cigarettes, chips, energy drinks and pop are among some popular choices. And don’t forget about empties. For many regular customers, Liquor Delivery 289 will also return empty bottles to the Beer Store on your behalf. There is an additional fee for this service, 50% of the empty bottles total return value, yet it is a pretty convenient service to have them removed from your premises upon delivery of a new order. All in all, this robust delivery company has a great track record with fast delivery times and top notch customer service. If you are in Mississauga and looking for beer to come to you, Liquor Delivery 289 is the right choice.

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